Innovative Teaching Methodologies

S.No Name of the Full-time teacher Designation Subject
1 Dr.Bokka Radhakrishna Professor WWMC
2 Dr. Avinash Assoc. Professor & Head Compiler Design
3 B Narendra Kumar Assistant Professor Data Communication & Computer Network
4 M.Kavitha Assistant Professor E-Commerce
5 Shamal Telkar Assistant Professor Design & Analysis Of Algorithms
6 C Swapna Assistant Professor Operating System
7 D.Sreelatha Assistant Professor Cloud Computing
8 K.Samatha Assistant Professor Data Mining & Data Warehousing
9 B.Lakshmi Narayana Assistant Professor OOP through JAVA
10 N.Nitheesha Assistant Professor Principles Of Programming Languages
11 N. Namratha Assistant Professor Database Management Systems
12 Ch.Anupama Assistant Professor MFCS
13 Aaruni Giriraj Assistant Professor Database Management Systems
14 K.Murlidhar Assistant Professor Design & Analysis Of Algorithms

Department of Information Technology (IT)


To produce industry ready IT professionals having global competence, sound knowledge, soft skills required to excel and succeed at work.


  • To indulge efficient IT professionals by providing quality education using innovative and practical teaching methodology.
  • To provide conducive to learning environment to enhance innovation, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, team spirit & ethical values.
  • Developing and inculcating a spirit of entrepreneurship through sustained efforts.
  • About Department

    The Department of IT is headed by Dr. RAMASUBRAMANIAN MUPUDATHI, Under his leadership, the Department is strengthened by 13 well experienced and highly qualified Teaching Faculty and two Non-teaching staff.

    During these 16 years of college history, the students of Information Technology have performed well in their academics by securing good percentage and owning University Top Ranks with Gold Medals.

    The college encourages students and staff to present and publish papers, research articles in reputed International / National conferences and Journals. Apart from this, the students of Information Technology actively participate and achieve remarkable awards and accolades in co-curricular activities like Paper Presentations, Project Expos, and National Level Symposiums, Internship Programs, Sports and other cultural activities in various engineering colleges. The students are also socially responsible and participate in Social Activities like NCC (National Cadet Corp) Village Campaigns, Blood Donation Camps and Environmental Awareness Programs.

  • Strengths
    • Information Technology is one of the emerging branches in the engineering education and is a fast growing discipline with rigorous practical analysis and immense job opportunities.
    • Qualified and experienced faculty
    • Exposure to practical issues in technology through seminars and projects
    • Hands on experience in coding and solving problems.
  • Programme Educational Objectives (PEO's)
    • PEO-I: To acquire Mathematical, Scientific and Soft skills required for professional development.
    • PEO-II: Applying knowledge of societal impacts of information technology in the course of their career related activities ethically and appropriately.
    • PEO-III: To instill students to know environmental issues, managerial skills and quality control that is required to maintain successful entrepreneurs in the IT industries.
    • PEO-IV: To promote lifelong self-learning ability to remain effective for solving global issues.
  • Program Outcomes (POs)

    The program gives the students the ability to

    • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
    • Design and conduct experiments, as well as analyze and interpret data.
    • Design a system component or process to meet desired needs.
    • Function on multi-disciplinary teams.
    • Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.
    • Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
    • Speak of contemporary issues.
    • Apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, computer science theory in the modelling design of computer-based systems.
    • Apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity.
  • Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)
    • PSO-I: Analyse and develop software systems related to algorithms, software engineering, web applications, mobile computing, data base management and networking to solve real world problems.
    • PSO-II: Detailed knowledge with the coexisting issues, strong skills in learning new programming environment and thereby innovate new ideas and solutions to existing problems.

    faculty imageDr. RAMASUBRAMANIAN MUPUDATHI, having 16 + years of total experience in which 4+ years in College of Engineering , Guindy , Anna University, 8 + years in Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology, Chennai , 10 months in Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai, and presently working as Professor and Head of Department – IT, in Sridevi Women’s Engineering College, Vattinagulapally since April 2016..

    • Philosophy in Doctorate in Image Processing VMRF Salem , Tamil Nadu 2016.
    • M.E. in Computer Science and Engineering, AVIT, Chennai , 2009.


    Key Positions Held
    • Professor & Associate Professor in Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai.
    • Associate Professor , Assistant Professor G-II and Assistant Professor in Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology, Chennai
    • Professor and Head of the Department of CSE, in Sridevi Women’s Engineering College, Vattinagulapally since April 2016.
    • Organizing Chair for INTER NATIONAL CONFERENCE on Architecture, Software systems and Green Computing ICASG-2014
    • Organizing Chair for INTER NATIONAL CONFERENCE on Architecture, Software systems and Green Computing ICASG-2015
    • Computer Centre In-Charge in Department Level (Infra structure development – Designing and implementation of Campus Wireless Internet , All Computer Laboratories - 400 Computers and Data centre, Stock maintenance, Equipment Servicing, Lab monitoring , Conducting online exams for Placement etc.) in Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology


    Reserch Interests
    • Image Processing 
    • Graphics and Multimedia
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


    • National Conferences 23 Nos.
    • International Conferences 12 Nos.
    • International Journals 16 Nos.


    • Patent owned 03 Nos. (201741036984, 201741024458 and )


    Membership Professional Societies
    • Life member of ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)
    • Life member of ISCA (Indian Science Congress Association)

Faculty Achievements


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Mentor List

S.No Name of the Full-time teacher PAN Designation
2 Dr. AVINASH AWUPP1815E Assoc. Professor & Head
3 B Narendra Kumar AKLPB7745G Associate Professor
4 M.Kavitha CUEPK1008A Associate Professor
5 D.Subramanyam ALTPD2461L Associate Professor
6 Aaruni Giriraj ARQPG0259A Assistant Professor
7 Shamal Telkar AXGPT0039H Assistant Professor
8 C Swapna BQZPK4821M Assistant Professor
9 D.Sreelatha ALKPD0423H Assistant Professor
10 K.Samatha BBJPK2935F Assistant Professor
11 K.Murlidhar DWNPK6546K Assistant Professor
12 B.Lakshmi Narayana AMJPB9918P Assistant Professor
13 N.Nitheesha ARRPN5435E Assistant Professor
14 N. Namratha BAHPN0930Q Assistant Professor
15 Ch.ANUPAMA AKHPC8884D Assistant Professor