Governing Body of Sridevi Women's Engineering college

Governing Body  ( Code of Conduct )

Sridevi Women’s Engineering College follows guidelines AICTE guidelines with regard to professional code of prescribed / suggested by statutory bodies / regulatory authorities for different professions.

The elite decision making body of the college is the Governing Body. Governing body of the college meets once in a year to discuss the various issues and aspects related to the development of the college. It includes considering and approving the Institution's strategic plan which sets the academic aims and objectives of the Institution and identifies the Financial, Physical and Staffing strategies. It chalks out a roadmap to achieve the goals of the Institution.

Sridevi women's Engineering college has a Governing body with members drawn from Academic, Industrial and service sectors. The Governing body is the kingpin of the college administration and lays down all important policies for the effective management of the institution and for planning its future development.It is constituted as per guidelines prescribed by AICTE, UGC following the due procedure. The College Governing Body is headed by eminent academician providing representation to all other stakeholders.It prepares a strategic plan of action for the institutional growth, sets the aims and agenda of the institution, identifies the financial, physical and staffing strategies. The members of our Governing body are renowned personalities, such as reputed educationalist, self-less philanthropists and professional industrialists, dedicated to the noble cause of education and empowering the students.

Srmt. K.Jyothi Devi

Chair Person

Dr.K.Radha Kishan Rao, M.D.

Vice Chairman

Dr.Madiraju Sridevi


Dr.K.P.Srinivasa Rao. M. S.






Dr.Krishna Prasad M.D


Dr.M.Asharani Prof. ECE Dept.- JNTUH

JNTUH Nominee

Dr. D.Padmavathi. Prof. EEE, SWEC

Faculty Nominee

Mrs. M.Kavitha. Asst Prof. IT, SWEC

Faculty Nominee

Dr. B.L.Malleswari. B.E,MBA,MS,Ph.D


Dr. Subbarangaiah, M.D. , Veda IIT , Hyd

Eminent Professional

Mr. K Bruhaspathy Rao, President, Pioneer Gas Power Limited

Eminent Professional

The governing body drafts the policies of the college and reviews it periodically. The frequency of review is either once in three months or as necessary. The agenda is prepared by the Principal and is discussed by the body. They review the college academic performance every semester and formulate policies for the betterment of performance.The annual budget for every financial year is prepared after reviewing the income and expenditure of the college and the decisions are duly recorded for future reference and review.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • To administer and monitor the teaching in the college and to determine the teaching requirement of the Institute.
  • To appoint the Principal / HOD, teaching and non-teaching staff on the recommendations of the Selection Committees constituted under the regulations of the University.
  • To recommend either the reduction or increase of student intake/programs.
  • To monitor faculty deployment and development, placement and industry-institute interaction activities in the college and suggest remedial measures wherever necessary.
  • To perform other duties and exercises as may be entrusted by the Management and the University.
  • To ensure the establishment and monitoring of proper, effective and efficient systems of control and accountability.
  • To monitor institutional performance and quality assurance arrangements.
  • To promote of transparency and openness at every level.